Drawing of Stephanie-Angela Brauer

Hello, I’m Angela.

You’ll find me in my hometown Soest, Germany.


I’m a passionate Developer and just moved back to Germany after being 3 years on the other side of the world. I am a life-long learner who's always interested in expanding my skills.

I have just completed Work & Travel in Australia and New Zealand in order to on the one hand explore these beautiful countries and on the other hand prepare my career change from a Controller to a Developer. I have done a Web Development Internship in Sydney and worked as a Front End Developer in Auckland and I am enrolled as a Techdegree Student at the online technology school Treehouse.

In my personal time, I love meeting friends for a coffee, trading with stocks, doing photo modeling, dancing Hawaiian hula and practicing yoga.


I’m excited to bring my life experience to the process of coding beautiful interactive websites and increase my knowledge, skills and abilities in:

I am currently looking for new design projects to extend my portfolio and gain valuable experience and I am available for speaking gigs or similar engagements.